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Don’t wait until the new year. Now is the time to get started on the new you!

The Full Fitness Approach

The program you need

Our Focus at Raw Fitness is client driven, and goal focused. Whether you’re prepping for a contest, getting ready for a vacation or special event, or just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, we can help you reach your goal. We not only offer training, programming, and nutrition, when you join RAW fitness you’re Joining a support group of like-minded individuals.


Goal assessment & Consultation

Before we start a program, we discuss Goals and look over the prior history of health, training, and nutrition, to assure your custom program fits your exact needs.


Fitness Training

We have multiple options to fit your needs. RAW Fitness offers one on one training in a private setting. Online training and programming. Bootcamps and small group classes.



Because we all know that working out is only half the battle. RAW Fitness will create custom nutritional programming based on your training to optimize results.

Private Training

Get the on the fast track to results by working one on one with one of our trainers. Having a trainer takes all of the guesswork out of coming to the gym, and you can get the most out of the time you have. We give you the movements and exercises that will bring you the best results.

Our Private training sessions are built around your schedule, pace and goals, so you can make sure you’re getting the most from every minute with us.

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2x A Week- Get Started!

3x A Week- Get Started

Ready to take it up another level and present the best possible package on stage. RAW Fitness has a proven track record when it comes to contest prep. Let us know what show you’re interested in, and we will devise a strategy from beginning to end. Training and nutrition programming alongside weekly posing classes our team of contest experts will dial you in to look your absolute best on stage.

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Competition Prep- Get Started!

Competition Prep

Group Fitness

Because getting fit together is more fun! We offer a variety of boot camps, and small group training so that you and your friend or family member can succeed as a team. Group fitness is a fun, cost-effective way to start with a trainer.

Short on Time? Drop in for one of our 30min boot camps. It’s great for those days where you need to work up a good sweat but might be short on time, just to meet up with some friends and have a great support system around you while you improve your health.

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Group Training 1x A Week- Get Started!

Group Training 2x A Week- Get Started!

Just looking for some added direction? Let one of our trainers create a personalized program fitted to your specific goals. We can create a custom meal and training programs to help you increase results, even if you’re not able to come in. We can email your plan to you so that you have everything you need to succeed. No matter the location.

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Online Programming- Get Started!

Online Programming

Let’s Do This

Meet The Team

Want to move forward? Take a look at our trainers and let us know if there is one that you think is right for you. Not sure who to pick? Let us know a little about your goals and we will match you with the right trainer.


A coaching program for everyone

“Raw Fitness is pretty much your one stop shop for reaching your health, fitness, nutrition and competition goals. Ryan and Amantha truly make this gym a welcoming, family-friendly, motivating and fun place to workout. It has everything you need from group classes, personal training, nutrition coaching, or just weights for lifting. Raw Fitness family is my family XOXO.”

Carlie Boyle

“This is one of those gyms its hard NOT to be motivated! Ryan Wortman is my posing coach and only a month or so till my comp and took me under his wing like I was his own client (my coach recommended him for my posing) and helped me take my posing to the next level! Highly recommended try this place out!”

Thomas Greenlaw

“RAW is a not just a gym. It is a home, where the staff is not there for the $$$ they are there to help and be a friend. Serious lifters to the beginner there is no judgment. Come on in and kick some weights around and get some knowledge!!! Ryan will get you where you want to be. He has the knowledge and know-how, to get you your results!!! Been with RAW for 4 years and I am smiling from the results I have gotten!!!”

Joe LaRoche